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Oct 28 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Car

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Car

The used car market is booming right now and used car prices are soaring! After managing the sale of thousands of vehicles over the past 30 years, we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you cash in on your current car. If you’re ready to upgrade to a new car, here is your ultimate guide to selling your car.

Do Your Research

Jump online and have a look on to determine at what similar cars (make, model, and kilometers) are currently listed and selling for now.

Pricing your car just right is crucial. Too high and you’ll ward off potential buyers, too low and buyers may assume something is wrong with the car or you won’t make the most of this boom.

Be sure to account for any extra accessories or features that your car has that could increase its value.

Have Your Car Shining

We recommend fully cleaning your car – interior and exterior. The car should be sparkling after you’re done with it. Springing for a professional cleaner is even worth it.

A clean car signals to the buyer that the car is well cared for, attracting more buyers and potentially encouraging them to pay more to secure your car.

Be sure to have it clean when taking photos for advertising and before potential buyers come to view it. Especially during COVID-19, a clean car will make the buyer feel more confident and safer when inspecting.

Advertise It!

Let people know you’re selling your car! There are three options when selling your beloved car:

  • Private sale
  • Trade-in/sell it to a dealership
  • Have Remunerator sell it for you

When selling privately, online advertising on websites such as is easy and affordable. This guarantees many car-buyer’s eyes will see what you’re selling! Be careful when including your private information in the ad, we recommend not listing your home address for safety reasons!

Another option is to trade-in your car. A trade-in is when a dealership subtracts the value of your current car from the price of your new car; you then hand your keys over to the dealer and pay the difference for your new car.

Your final option is to use Remunerator’s in-house car sale service, ‘Remunerator Sell My Car’. You simply enter your cars details online and we advertise it for you to our Australia-wide dealer network. We then present you with the best offer for your new car.

Take Quality Photos

Take clear and presentable photos, think professional standard, of your car. Take lots of them too from all angles so the buyer has a clear visual of the car. Consider the background of the photos too, ensure its presentable and attractive.

We recommend taking images of the following:

  • ¾ Front
  • ¾ Rear
  • Both side profiles
  • Full front
  • Full rear
  • Dashboard
  • Front interior
  • Back interior
  • Boot interior
  • Engine
  • Wheels
  • Lights

Get the Paperwork in Order

Have all relevant paperwork for your car in order including:

  • Owner’s Manual
  • Logbook
  • Service records
  • Receipts from any accessories, enhancements or upgrades

Also make sure you have your cars road-worthy certificate and any papers from your relevant state motoring authority ready to go for a potential car-buyer.

Expect a Negotiation

It is expected that any potential buyer of your car will want to negotiate down the price. You must be prepared for this likely scenario.

Have a clear understanding of the lowest price you will accept for your car and stick to this price. Once you reach this price, let the buyer know that you have reached your final price. Sticking to this will help you avoid sellers’ remorse.

Paid In Full

Only hand the keys over once you have been paid in full.

If your new buyer is wanting to pay for your car in installments, we recommend only handing over the vehicle once all installments are paid. You can come to an agreement with the buyer that you will not drive the vehicle in the meantime – this can be verified by the odometer reading, take note of it when you agree to the transaction.

Have you sold your car and ready to get into a new one? Talk to our novated leasing specialists today to find your dream car on 1800 501 703, email or request a quote here!