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Sep 30 2021

What To Do If Your Car Has a Flat Battery

A flat car battery always seems to occur at the most inconvenient time and location.

Your car’s battery is responsible for much more than just powering your engine – it powers the windows, radio, windshield wipers, dashboard lights, power seats, headlights, and any other electrical component you can think of!

It’s important to diagnose the cause of your battery failure first.

There are a few possibilities that could be at the root of your flat battery including:

Human Error

It happens to even the best of drivers. Did you accidently leave the lights on overnight, a door open or the infotainment system on?

This is a very common reason for a battery to drain. Luckily many newer models of cars have warning sounds or signs if a light has been left on or door open.

Battery Condition

When was the last time you charged your car’s battery? It’s very important to maintain your car and service it according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Typically, a car’s battery should be replaced every 4-5 years, depending on how you use your car.

Some helpful tips to extend the life of your car battery include:

  • Avoid driving short trips too often
  • Minimise power used when engine is off
  • Keep the battery clean
  • Don’t leave the car unused for long periods of time

Extreme Temperatures

Have you noticed how your phone’s performance declines in extreme heat or cold temperatures? The same thing happens with your car battery! The longer it is kept in extreme temperatures, the shorter the battery life.

Where you can, store your car in a temperature-controlled environment, like a garage.

It’s important to be aware of the above to avoid a flat battery. However, if you’ve found yourself with a flat battery while on the road here are your options:

Contact Roadside Assistance

They will be able to come out to you and help diagnose and find a solution to your battery troubles.

If you do not have roadside assistance, your state motoring association can sign you up on the spot for a subscription and help you.

Jump Start Your Vehicle

Only complete this if you are confident and understand how to jump start your vehicle. The owner’s manual of your vehicle generally outlines the steps to jumpstarting your vehicle.

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