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Jul 30 2021

Top 5 Biggest Car-Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Top 5 Biggest Car-Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Even for the most seasoned driver, car-buying can be a stressful experience. From deciding on what car you want to negotiating a price with the dealer, there are many steps in the car buying journey that would leave your head spinning!

To combat this, we’ve found the top 5 biggest car-buying mistakes to avoid. Whether you’re shopping for your first car or are a self-proclaimed car buying expert, this list will guide you towards a stress-free car buying journey.

Not Doing Your Research

The number one tip we have for all car-buyers is doing your homework before even walking into a dealership.

Thoughtfully consider which car is best suited to your lifestyle, mainly what type of car do you need, what’s your budget and what type of finance do you need?

Having a look on is a great tool to familiarize yourself with what cars are available where and for how much. Knowing the market for a specific model will come in useful when negotiating the best deal.

Choosing The Wrong Car For Your Needs

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and falling for a car that doesn’t service your needs at all. Take note of how often you use your car and what you use it for. How many passengers will you really be driving on a daily basis? What activities do you need your car for?

Buying New When Used Would Do

It’s important to consider used cars too when buying your new car. Letting someone else absorb the bulk of the depreciation means that it can be a more economical option in the long term.

In addition, you generally can buy more car for less, meaning some of the nice-to-have features just out of reach in your new car could be affordable in a used one.

Read our full list of the advantages to buying a used car here.

Remunerator has exclusive access to used cars in-stock and available at dealerships across Australia. We make finding your used car easy and hassle free. If you’re interested in driving a used car, talk to one of our novated leasing specialists today!

Not Sticking To Your Budget

Before beginning your car buying experience, it’s important to determine what your budget is for your new car.

You have set this budget for a reason. Sticking to your budget makes sure you can afford your new car and prevents you from experiencing buyer’s remorse.

Driving a car on a novated lease is a budget friendly way to car ownership as we help set your weekly expenses for your car and bundle it all into one-all-inclusive payment per pay period. Your car running costs include the repayments of the car, fuel, maintenance, insurance, registration, and tyres.

At the beginning of your car buying journey with Remunerator, our novated leasing specialists work with you to determine the best running cost budgets to suit your lifestyle.

Not Getting Your New Car On A Novated Lease With Remunerator

Novated leasing with Remunerator is the most affordable way to drive your new car.

A novated lease allows you to pay for your new car and running costs with pre-tax income. This reduces the amount of income tax you pay each pay period.

Remunerator can save you thousands further with our heavily discounted fleet pricing on your next car, you save on GST on the purchase price of your new car, and you don’t pay GST on the running costs of your car!

We take the stress out of the car-buying and ownership experience by taking care of it for you! We tailor our service for you, we can even take care of sourcing your new car – think about it, no tiresome negotiations with dealers ever again!

Do you need some help with buying your new car? Talk to our novated leasing experts today on 1800 501 703 or email to learn about how we can help you experience a hassle-free car-buying.