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Jul 30 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your New Car Now

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your New Car Now

If you’re in the market for a new car, chances are you’ve heard about the severe shortage of new cars.

The current advice from the Australian Automotive Dealers Association (AADA), the peak industry advocacy body that represents new car dealers in Australia, recommends car buyers should get in the queue now and place their orders if they want a new car before Christmas and the summer holidays.

The car shortage has been attributed to the global semiconductor and other critical components shortage and the slowdown of car assembly lines globally because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Many customers have been quoted waiting periods of over 6 months until they receive their new cars.

Remunerator can find you a new car immediately.

Introducing the Remunerator In-Stock Vehicles Program.

We’ve reached out to our Australia-wide dealer network to source what cars dealers have in-stock and available on their showroom floors right now.

There are over 1000 cars available right now that you can take delivery of immediately.

Our mission is to make car buying simple and hassle free for our customers by saving them both time and money when finding their new car.

With access to thousands of cars available now from dealerships across Australia, you no longer need to spend your weekends going from dealer to dealer in your local area to find the best deal. Instead, you have access to cars all over Australia – potentially from another state!

Another key benefit of the Remunerator In-Stock Vehicles Program is eliminating the need for tiresome negotiations. With our buying power, you have access to exclusive deals and fleet pricing on your new car with Remunerator.

If you’re ready for your new car now, talk to our novated leasing specialists today on 1800 501 703 or email and ask about our in-stock vehicle database!