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Jul 1 2021

5 Advantages To Novating A Used Car

A used car is a great way to buy your dream car at an affordable price! Sometimes buying a used car is more economical and beneficial than buying a new car.

You Can Buy More Car For Less

Used cars are cheaper than new cars. If you are in the market for a car and have a $30k budget, buying a car that’s a couple years old opens you up to buying a higher spec car full of more features than the brand new one. Buying a used car also opens you up to buying specific models of cars that are not in your budget when new.

Bulk Of Depreciation Absorbed By Previous Owner

As soon as you drive a new car off the showroom floor, it drops between 10%-15% in value. The $30k car you purchased is only worth $25,500 by the time you reach your driveway. Buying a used car means that the bulk of the depreciation has been absorbed by the previous owner. As the car gets older, it depreciates at a lower rate.

Drive With Peace Of Mind

Depending on how old the car you bought is, it could still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The average car warranty lasts for anywhere between 3-5 years, sometimes they can even go up to 7 years. If you buy your used car from a dealership, the dealer will most likely offer a dealer warranty on the car. Allowing you to drive with peace of mind.

The Car Is Road-Worthy

Before you buy a used car, ensure that you thoroughly inspect it, and it comes with a road-worthy certificate. This certificate gives drivers confidence that the bargain car they have found is quality and worth purchasing. All cars in dealerships and listed on are road-worthy ensured as they require a roadworthy certificate.

You Can Get It On A Novated Lease

You can get a novated lease on any car you want as long as it’s eligible for a novated lease. Novated leasing isn’t limited to brand new cars. The main requirement with used cars is that the car cannot be more than 10 years old at the end of the lease and it must have under 200,000km on the odometer.

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