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Jun 15 2021

How To Novate A Used Car

A common misconception of a novated lease is the belief that the car financed must be new.

In fact, one of our most frequently asked questions is “Can I get a novated lease on a used car?”

Yes, you can!

Novated leasing with Remunerator is the most affordable way to get your new car.

While we work with our dealer network across Australia to secure exclusive and heavily discounted pricing, we understand that a used car is sometimes preferable for our drivers.

Remunerator customers can enjoy all the same benefits of a novated lease on a used car, including massive savings!

The main benefits of novating a used car include:

  • Save on the GST of the purchase price of the car (when purchased through a dealership).
  • Experience the same tax savings on your running costs as a new car novated lease! This includes petrol, maintenance, insurance, and registration.
  • Enjoy a reduction in the amount of income tax you pay.
  • Get ‘more’ car for ‘less’.

How To Source Your Used Car

When sourcing your used car, you can either source the vehicle privately or through a dealership.

Similar with new car shopping, it’s very important to complete thorough research on the car you want to understand the market around that model. This will come in handy when negotiating the best deal.

This includes:

  • Taking note of the average price.
  • How many models are available?
  • What are your must have features?
  • Do you have a colour preference?

We recommend looking on websites such as to do this.

If you need some help when sourcing your used car, talk to one of our novated leasing specialists and will assist you through your car buying process.

Remunerator also has exclusive access to used cars in stock through our dealer network. Ask our novated leasing specialists about the used cars offer.

Used Car Requirements

There are a few things to consider when novating a used car. The used car you choose needs to be:

  • Under 200,000kms on the odometer at the beginning of the lease.
  • Maximum 10 years old at the end of the lease.
  • However, there are some models that are an exception to this rule. If you have a car in mind, our friendly novated leasing experts are here to talk through your options when novating a used car.

Have you got a used car in mind or even found one?

Talk to our novated leasing specialists today to discover how much you will save on your ‘new’ car on 1800 501 703 or