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Feb 25 2021

Iconic Australian Road Trips For Your Novated Lease

Iconic Australian Road Trips For Your Novated Lease

With international travel out of the question, Australians are having to find places to holiday closer to home. Living in Australia means we get access to some of the most beautiful road trips around the world. Get road-trip-ready with the right car on a Remunerator novated lease!

Great Ocean Road

Found on the south-east coast, the heritage listed 243km stretch of road is home to the famous surfing area Bells Beach and the 12 Apostles.

Great Eastern Drive

Tasmania’s scenic coastal drive stretching from Bay of Flies down to Orford, gains worldwide attention for its beautiful views, beaches, walks and food.

Nullarbor Crossing

If the coast isn’t for you, consider the Nullarbor Crossing. Being the longest stretch of dead straight road, at 1675km, prepare for 4 days and 3 time zones of undisturbed Australian landscapes.

Cairns to Cape York

An iconic Australian adventure, the drive to the northernmost point of Australia is one for everyone’s bucket list.

Great Alpine Road

The 339km stretch between Wangaratta and Metung, displays Australia’s diverse landscapes. From mountain ranges, valleys and forests to the Gippsland’s coast, there’s something for everyone.

Wollongong to Sydney

The sea cliff bridge is an iconic Australian landmark that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Though the drive is short, it gives jaw dropping panoramic ocean views.