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Dec 22 2020

The 7 Most Expensive Novated Lease Optional Extras

While you’re stuck choosing between the custom paint or latest safety feature for your new novated lease, spare a thought for those that are experiencing real #firstworldproblems. Would you choose Aston’s Q exclusive paint or the diamond embellished Breitling?

7. Lamborghini Urus Four Seat Configuration – $12,725

The normal 5 seat configuration Urus will hit the hip pocket with a price tag of $390,000. So, logic would have it that removing one of the rear seats results in a price jump of $12,725. We guess it puts and end to the fighting over who sits in the middle seat. Worth it.

6. Aston Martin Rapide S “Q Exclusive” paint – $18,764

Aston Martin describes their ‘Q by Aston Martin’ division as the ultimate bespoke option. You’d expect at almost $19k your Raptide S to be equip with bullet proofing suitable for James Bond. Sadly, it only includes bespoke colour options not available from the showroom, in fact they are ‘only bound by the limits of imagination’.

5. Rolls Royce Cullinan Viewing Suite – $37,000

“Desert sands. Mountain slopes. Rugged river valleys. No frontier is out of bounds to Cullinan… Then open out your Viewing Suite at the touch of a button, and survey just how far you have come.” The Rolls Royce Cullinan is the ultimate SUV, not only in its off-roading capabilities, but also, it’s amenities. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their recent driving adventure with a glass of Dom in the finest and bespoke ‘viewing suite’.

4. Ferrari 812 Superfast Matte Paint – $67,850

These days a shiny red Ferrari driving down the streets of Toorak or Bellevue Hill is très gauche! No, no, the matte paint finish will allow you to stand out from the crowd and keep the gawking eyes on you.

3. Rolls Royce Cullinan Winter Wheels and Tyres – $68,000

It comes as no shock that the Rolls Royce Cullinan has another optional extra appearing on this list. This time snow tyres coming in at $68,000. Regular snow tyres will set you back around $800 for a full set of 4. However, the Rolls tyres to promise to offer up to 20% better road grip in temperatures below 7°C.

2. Bentley Continental GT First Edition Package – $95,795

After 15 years, Bentley finally updated its original Continental coupe with prices starting at around $422,000. The First Edition specification is described as the ‘most exquisitely appointed expression of the new car… representing a stunning showcase of Bentley craftsmanship and design’. The extra $95,795 gives you the very best features available including the Bentley rotating display, a styled instrument panel and a veneer-only face for an uninterrupted flow of wood right across the dashboard, to name a few. 

1. Bentley Bentayga Breitling Clock – $220,000

While yes, the regular Bentayga does come with a digital clock, The Mulliner Tourbillon is no ordinary clock. It’s 28mm case is sculpted from 18-carat gold, the dial is embellished with 12 diamonds set onto either a natural, black ebony or pearl face. Finally, the back of the clock is hollowed out, allowing natural light to pour through while giving a glimpse of the 22-carat gold oscillator behind.

Regardless of the price, you can save on your optional extras with a novated lease. Remunerator have exclusive access to discounted stock from dealers, potentially saving you thousands on your new car. Whether it’s tinted windows or a diamond clock, novating with Remunerator allows you to pay for your add-ons through your pre-tax income. Therefore, reducing the amount of tax you pay and saving you more.