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Dec 22 2020

How To Get a 10-Year Warranty on Your Novated Lease


Mitsubishi recently announced a 10-year warranty on their vehicles if it’s serviced within the dealer network for its entire life. This is an extension of the seven-year coverage previously available on many of their popular models.

This 10-year warranty is dependent on the car owner servicing their car only at Mitsubishi dealerships. However, if they choose to service elsewhere, the car will be covered under a five-year/100,000km warranty. This comes complimentary with every new Mitsubishi and it apart of their commitment to drivers’ pleasure.

You can compare Mitsubishi’s warranty to other manufacturers here. This 10-year warranty provides customers with certainty and confidence in their Mitsubishi vehicle.

As with most warranties, the Mitsubishi 10-year warranty only applies to the original components of the car. Therefore, any modifications to the car and alterations from the manufacturer’s specifications can potentially void your warranty. Always contact Mitsubishi Motors to discuss any modifications you want to make and ensure you gain approval for them.

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