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Nov 20 2020

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… to Novate!

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Tis the season for new car buyers! Cars are the cheapest they have been all year – in fact, we’re beating our own pricing.

The plate clearance sales have arrived, and we’ve prepared you the top 4 tips to consider during the plate clearance sales!

Tip 1: Check the build date

It’s important to know the build date of a car, especially towards the end of the year. Current year plated stock will be discounted as this will be considered ‘old stock’ as the new year arrives. This gives you negotiating power against the dealer, allowing you to achieve a more affordable price for your new car. Typically, there is no difference between models built in one year to the next, unless a new model has been introduced. The older build date makes it valued less as it is an ‘older model’.

The build date can be found under the bonnet of the car or on the inside of one of the door openings. If you have trouble finding it, you can always ask a dealer.

Tip 2: You’ll get the best deal on the car on the dealership floor

Throughout the entire year, dealers want to move the stock on showroom floors as quickly as possible to make way for newer models. Towards the end of the year dealers are incentivised further to move stock quickly to make way for new 2021 plated car models.

December is also the end of the quarter and year, meaning the time when dealers are expected to meet targets. Due to COVID-19 and the downward trend in new car sales, you might find yourself receiving an even better deal to boost the dealer’s sales numbers!

This also means that if you want to take full advantage of the end of year sales, you must be prepared to compromise. That is, if you prefer a black car but the dealer only has white in stock, consider the extra costs ordering in a black car will entail. This includes, forgoing the discount, the cost of special ordering the car and the time it will take to get the car to the dealership.

Tip 3: Research: Know your car!

Knowing the specifics about the car you want is helpful too. Information about when a car is set for a model update or even full remake is extremely beneficial to know. The model run out can translate to more potential savings the purchase price and your hip pocket thanking you later.

Consider shopping around too to source different pricing that you can negotiate with a dealer off!

Tip 4: Have Remunerator source your new car

Does all the above sound too hard?

Remunerator offer a free car procurement service for you! With 30 years’ experience, we have developed a vast dealer network where we have access to exclusive pricing on new cars. We provide a personalised service that makes car buying simple and convenient, while saving you thousands off the regular RRP!