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Oct 26 2020

When is The Best Time to Buy Your New Car?

When is the best time to buy your new car?

There are certain times within the year that car dealers offer extra savings on their cars to make stock move faster. The two biggest sales are the Plate Clearance/end of year sales and End of Financial Year Sales. These are the best times of the year for you to get the best deal on your new car.

Dealers start gearing up for the Plate Clearance sales in November, meaning that the end of the year is a great time to buy your new car. You’ll see dealers offering incentives to customers to purchase the cars that are plated in the current year, to move it quickly before the new year plated stock comes in. All buyers should walk into the dealership equipped with this fact and use this to their advantage to negotiate a great price on their new car.

Unless there has been a model update, there is generally no physical difference between the cars built in the previous year, versus the new year. However, buying a car that was built in late 2020 will be much more affordable than buying an early 2021 model.

Not only do dealers want to move the stock on the dealership floor quickly to make way for newer models, dealers also have yearly sales targets they must meet. With pressure from manufacturers to meet these goals, dealers are more flexible and willing to negotiate on a cars sale price in order to chalk up another sale. The sharp decline in new car sales as a result of COVID-19 will prove as helpful to new car buyers as dealers are desperate to end the year with strong sales.

In Australia, these plate clearance sales generally continue all the way through to February. This is because we don’t manufacturer cars here and all cars are shipped in. Shipping cars takes time, and previous built year models are still arriving on our shores in the new year. However, it is important to not hold off until February as you will find many of the cars on ships are spoken for, leaving you with little choice surrounding options.

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