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Oct 26 2020

Top 6 Tips to Consider When Selling Your Novated Lease

Are you ready to sell and upgrade your current car? With used car pricing at an all-time high it’s something worth considering!

There are two routes to consider when selling your car, using Remunerator Sell My Car or selling it online via CarSales or similar website.

Before listing your car, here are a few helpful steps to follow to prepare your car for sale:

Using Remunerator Sell My Car

The most simple and fastest way to sell your current car is to list it on Remunerator Sell My Car. Remunerator ‘Sell My Car’ is a program where we help you get the best deal when selling your car. We make selling your car easy and eliminate all the hard work of selling your car yourself. You simply submit your cars details to us, and we distribute it to our network of Australia-wide dealer network. Buyers will come back to you with the best price in cash!

Click here for more information and to list your car with Remunerator Sell My Car!

Selling Your Car Yourself

When Listing Your Car:

It’s important that you include as much relevant information as possible. Including:

  • Year
  • Model
  • Variant
  • Condition
  • Location
  • Service history
  • Tyre condition (are they new)
  • Special features eg. reverse cameras, heated seats, climate control

Be sure to include 10-20 good quality detailed photos of the interior and exterior.

When Negotiating:

Certainly, the toughest part of selling your car. If you’re not very experienced in negotiations, then consider asking someone you trust for some help.

If this isn’t your first time negotiating there are some helpful tips to remember!

  • Have a strong understanding of similar cars also for sale and their price points
  • Highlight the great aspects of your car to convince the buyer that your car is perfect for them
  • Have a firm idea of what price you are happy to let your car go for and if there is any wiggle from the listed price

Are you ready to upgrade your car and sell your existing one? Visit Remunerator Sell My Car here or talk to one of our Remunerator Novated Leasing specialists today on 1800 501 703 or