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Sep 21 2020

How 5G Will Make Driving Smarter, Safer and Faster

How 5G will make driving smarter, safer and faster

It’s time to embrace 5G!

The rollout of 5G is one of the most anticipated technological events. At a snapshot, 5G is 100 times faster than 4G at peak speed. Think about the last webpage you opened or picture you downloaded and how long it took; with 5G in that same time frame, you could have downloaded the same amount of data 100 times.

Speed is so important when it comes to the advancement of other technologies. Think about fully autonomous cars. They need to communicate and transfer immense amounts of data when driving; between other vehicles on the road, road infrastructure, satellites and smart devices; requiring three of more exabytes of data storage (3 billion gigabytes).

Cars of the future will be able to communicate so much more than their location, speed and direction as they currently can. They will be able to take part in negotiations at intersections, round abouts and when merging. The eye-contact and hand gesture human elements of driving will be taken on by the car itself, eliminating the need for a driver all together.

5G also brings low latency, which is the amount of time (measured in milliseconds) it takes to send information from one point to another. Generally, the shorter the time it takes for this transfer to occur, the greater the user experience. We all love it when something happens straight away!  Currently on the 4G network, there’s a delay of around 20 milliseconds. With 5G, this time is slashed down to 1-5 milliseconds. Just think of what you can do with all the saved time!

As a human, our latency or reaction speed is around 200 milliseconds. In action, this is the time it takes for your brain to send a message to your foot to press on the brake. So, when the light suddenly turns red or something comes onto the road, we aren’t so quick to react, often resulting in accidents. The almost real-time latency of 5G, means fully autonomous cars will react almost immediately, potentially drastically reducing the number of accidents on our roads.

As you can expect, autonomous driving will demand an extremely reliable network that ensures all information is delivered accurately and as fast as possible. 5G promises this reliability in communication, so we don’t have to worry about messages being lost in communication or the signal dropping out.

Our view of future mobility is rapidly changing as 5G and autonomous driving becomes a reality. Every aspect of a car will be enhanced, including passenger and pedestrian safety, comfort and entertainment. The stress and pain of driving now, will be completely transformed. Without the need to be in the drivers seat, the ‘car’ can evolve from just a method of transport into anything you want like a mobile office, your own Zen studio or even dressing room for those who want to get ready on the go!

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