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Aug 24 2020

How to Save on Your Partner’s Car

Did you know your partner can benefit from the car you already own?

Over 50% of Australian households have more than one car (ABS Census 2016) and this number is increasing. Remunerator does more than help you get into a new car; we can help you and your partner get the most out of the existing car in your driveway!

Did you know you can also have more than one lease in your package?

Yes, you can have multiple cars including more than one novated lease or associate lease.

You can still enjoy all the benefits of a novated lease on your existing car!

Talk to us about other leasing options, including associate leases or sale and lease back contracts for the second car you already own.

What are my options and how do they work?

An associate lease is an agreement where an associate of the employee, leases an existing or replacement car to the employee’s employer. The employer then provides the car to the employee via a pre-tax salary sacrifice arrangement.

This way you pay no GST on your running costs including fuel, maintenance, insurance and repairs. You will also make all the running cost payments from your pay before it is taxed, so more tax savings!

When choosing an associate, this includes anyone over the age of 18 that you have an ‘association’ with such as spouses, partners and family members.

A sale and lease back involves selling your current car to us for market value then, the vehicle is leased back to you as a novated lease, freeing up any equity you have in the car.

Again, like a novated lease, this car is provided to you through your pre-tax salary packaging arrangement. You will also experience significant tax savings through this option.

Why should I do it?

Tax Savings

The obvious benefit is that you increase your tax savings. Through an associate lease, the combination of pre- and post-tax payments of your car expenses made through salary packaging reduces your total taxable income, meaning you pay less tax.


You don’t need a new car for an associate lease, if you already have your perfect car you save time by not needing to shop around for a new one. On the other hand, should you choose a replacement vehicle, Remunerators procurement service is an easy solution where we contact our extensive dealer network to find your associates dream car at a competitive price.


There are flexible lease terms available for associate leases, from 12 to 60 months (subject to vehicle). This gives your associate the freedom of choosing the period they want to drive the car for.

Cost Effective

The operating costs of the vehicle are pre-budgeted for using a combination of pre- and post-tax dollars each pay period. These are combined into one regular monthly payment, allowing you know how much you’re spending each month and budget accordingly.

Dedicated Support

By leasing through Remunerator, you have access to a dedicated customer support team ready to answer any queries you may have. All the while seamlessly setting up your associate lease or organising your sale and lease back in an easy and hassle-free manner for you and your associate.

Talk to us today about how you can save on your partners car or the car you already own with an associate lease or sale and lease back!