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Jul 29 2020

Would You Buy Your Novated Lease Online?

Would you buy your novated lease online?

Online shopping is the new norm, with many consumers preferring to shop on their smart device over an in-store experience.

Clothing and electronics are probably the first retailers that come to mind when looking at online shopping. There has however been a growing number of consumers that say they’d confidently purchase their new car online despite never seeing or test-driving it in person… would you?

New research from the United Kingdom, that has been backed by Australian dealers, found that almost 25% of respondents would be confident in buying a car without seeing it, if it was protected by guarantees and a warranty.

35-44-year-old respondents were found to be the most confident to buy a car online. Further, men proved to be twice as confident as women.

James Voortman, CEO of the Australian Automotive Dealer Association, reported a small but growing number of customers buying their new cars without an inspection. COVID-19 has shown to increase the number of people buying a car online, however it is still a low proportion. Currently, entirely online car purchases represent less than 3% of sales. Most buyers do complete part of the buying process online though.

As a result of COVID-19, most dealers and manufacturers now have the infrastructure and capabilities to sell cars to customers online. Most prefer to still prefer to spend some time indoors though.

There are some car brands where most sales are completed entirely online. Tesla is the top of mind brand, with 78% of Model 3 orders being placed online and 82% of customers purchasing a Model 3 without test driving one. Similarly, Mercedes-Benz also allows customers to buy online and launched their new EQC with a direct-to-buyer sales model.

Another option of buying your car ‘online’ is Remunerator. We can offer a completely contactless service and have worked with our partner dealers to enable you to buy your car from the safety of your own home. We take care of everything from remote finance arrangements, remote test drives, remote/contactless car delivery and trade in. For more information visit our information page on how Remunerator Contactless Car Delivery Helps You Buy Your New Car Safely.

Buying a car at home with Remunerator is as easy as buying groceries online! Talk to us today about your new car on 1800 501 703 or email us at