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Jun 19 2020

How to Stick to Your Novated Lease Fuel Budget

Petrol pricing is unpredictable at best, causing planning for and sticking to your novated leases fuel budgets not as simple as you believe.

October 2018 saw a significant spike in the standard unleaded petrol price, from around $1.20 to $1.67, translating to an extra $24 per fill for a mid-size SUV or SUV with 60-litre tank. Then again, in March 2020, there was a major fall in petrol price to below $1 dollar in some areas. Fuel efficient driving is critical to save you more and sticking to your novated lease fuel budget.

Check tyre pressure regularly

Underinflated tyres increase your fuel consumption!

Service your car in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule

This ensures that the engine and other parts in the vehicle are all in working order. A costly mistake is not adhering to the service schedule as this can result in more problems down the road.

Ditch excess weight

The heavier your car the more fuel required – avoid the excess and save!

Remove the roof rack

The engine works harder with the extra drag, using more fuel.

 Use the fan when possible

The air-conditioning puts an extra load on the engine, using the fan reduces fuel consumption and saves you more.

Don’t be aggressive

Hard accelerating and braking consumes up to one third more fuel. Remember to drive smooth and save.

Download a fuel tracking app

These track fuel prices across Australia allowing you to find the cheapest prices near you. Try Fuel Map available on iOS, Android and Windows.

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