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Jun 26 2020

10 Innovative Novated Lease Technologies That Are a Reality

Car development and technology have come a long way since the Ford Model T. Have a look at some of the crazy innovative car technologies that are a reality today!

Sick of traffic?

The ‘Hum-Rider’ uses custom hydraulics to elevate it five-feet! This would certainly reduce the morning commute time!

Harry Potter on wheels?

This Harry Potter-ish invisibility cloak or “active camoflauge” was showcased by Mercedes-Benz to promote their new F-Cell car. This would come in handy to avoid speeding or parking fines!

Electric cars you must plug in the charge? So last year…

Move over cars you actually have to plug in to charge! We’re going solar powered from now on. The Lightyear One promises 7.5 miles of range per hour of charge time.

To make sure you’re not nodding off at the wheel…

Currently available in the Mazda 3 and CX-30, I-ACTIVSENSE is part of Mazda’s innovative safety technology that includes a driver monitoring system to determine the driver’s level of drowsiness, fatigue and if they are paying attention to the road.

Drive with eyes on the back of your head!

Range Rover now offer an optional feature that gives you eyes on the back of your head! Their new rear view mirror can become a HD video screen that displays live footage of the back of the car when something blocks the view of the traditional mirror.

Talking cars?

New 2020 Volkswagen Golf models can talk to one another when they’re within 800m of each other. They can share information about road infrastructure, warn drivers of upcoming hazards and give current traffic updates.

A car that can park itself… without a driver in it

Hyundai’s new “Smart Pahk” or Remote Smart Parking Assist features a fully autonomous active parking system that can park itself with its driver sitting inside or standing outside of their vehicle.

The (almost) Batmobile

The Audi A8 L Security is almost a real-world Batmobile. The armoured limo was specifically designed for the Russian market, featuring an armoured skin, a fire-extinguishing system, emergency in-car oxygen tank for gas or chemical attacks, self-healing fuel tank, intercom system, and tyres that can travel up to 80km/h without air.

The Boatmobile

Ever since James Bond’s Lotus Esprit turned into a submarine in “The Spy Who Loved Me”, there has been a massive fascination with amphibious vehicles. The Watercar Python is the world’s fastest sea-going car.

Flying Cars!

The Terrafugia Transition boasts a flying car that can be stored in your home garage. The Transition offers two modes of travel in the one vehicle. You can even reserve one today!

Bonus: Transparent Trucks!

This safety technology for cars reduces the stress around overtaking  trucks and semi-trailers, with a massive TV on the back of a truck so drivers can see the road ahead before passing!

While some of this tech is wild… and maybe not so legal on Australian roads, there are some great examples included that are available to get on a novated lease today!

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