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May 20 2020

Why You Need a Dash Cam in Your Novated Lease

Dash cam in a car

The small gadget is finding its way onto more and more windscreens. Insurance company Allianz has found that around one in five Aussie drivers are recording their daily drives with insurance claims being the main reason behind them doing so.

Dash cams have been available to motorists for many years now and have not only proved to be useful in assisting insurance claims, but also provide entertainment when posted onto YouTube!

The main benefits of dash cams are that they support insurance claims if it has recorded the incident and proves who is the at fault party. Of those surveyed by Allianz, one in three Aussies have used their dash cam footage to support themselves when being wrongly accused in motoring accidents.

If you are installing a dash cam into your car remember these points to ensure that you can use your footage to support your insurance claims:

  1. Position your camera to give a clear view of the road ahead
  2. Check that your insurance company allows dash cam footage as evidence to support claims
  3. Always get the other driver’s details for your insurer to waive the excess