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May 20 2020

What Dealer Fit Options Are Worth the Investment?

What dealer fit options are worth the investment

You’ve just spent your time carefully selecting all your options for your novated lease, like paint colour, engine and body style. Before you’re handed the keys to your new car, dealers will most likely offer you some more ‘special’ options – dealer fit options. These can be added to further customise, enhance practicality or protect your new car, but are they worth their price tags?

We’ve evaluated some common options that dealers will offer to you and if its worth the investment.

No: Paint and Upholstery Protection

All paint these days should last for the life of your car if it is cared for properly. Unlike the old days when non-metallic colours oxidised and faded in the Aussie sun.

Optional paint packs often claim that to apply a protective treatment that adds an extra layer of defence from dirt and abrasion. Proper car care, washing regularly and some elbow grease will let you achieve the same results as this paint protection. This could save you a few hundred dollars!

Upholstery protection is similar to this, as modern upholstery should be able to withstand the wear and tear expected from daily use.

Paint and interior finished are covered by the vehicles warranty and therefore any degradation caused unrelated to damage is covered!

Maybe: Paint Protection Film

This bonnet shield is worth considering if you plan on covering a lot of highway or unsealed road kilometres. It is an almost invisible special clear film wrap that can prevent a lot of damage to your paint.

Dealers offer this; however, it is often fit out of house at a nearby specialist. You may be able to find a lower price with some research. The price increases with how much of the car you want wrapped, and the cost can stretch to several thousands.

No: Extended Warranty

First you need to ask yourself how long you intend to keep your car and if an extended warranty is even relevant to you. A warranty is only as good as what it covers, so when considering an extended one check what this new warranty actually covers. The mandatory manufacturer warranties are comprehensive; however, the extended warranty may not cover all or as many items.

Often, the extended warranty is covered by dealerships and not the manufacturer. This leads to warranty requirements like only maintaining and servicing your car with the dealer, and subsequently can be voided if you chose to have your car serviced elsewhere.

Yes: Floor and Boot Mats

These small addition and relatively inexpensive add-ons are a great idea! They make cleaning your car easier and leave the carpets beneath looking like new. This especially helps when you’re looking at selling your car.

Aftermarket mats are another option at a lower price; however, you’ll often find these don’t fit correctly.

No: Tow Bar and Bull Bar

Thanks to the Australian standards, in some cases the original tow or bull bars may not be a viable option and a local supplier instead will be contracted to produce an uprated version. In situations like these, shopping around might prove to save you a little extra. There are plenty of aftermarket 4×4 specialists with a wide array of products to service your requirements.

Maybe: Tinted Windows

As this is a specialist service, with some research you might be able to save some extra money on your window tinting. Remember to ensure that your chosen tint is legally permitted for road cars while also servicing your tinting preferences!