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Apr 17 2020

11 Money-Saving Novated Lease Hacks for 2020

Tips to save money on your car

Service your car regularly

It’s very important that vehicles are serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Servicing your car regularly ensures that everything is working efficiently and improves fuel economy significantly.

Servicing at dealerships is costly too, if you’re outside your capped servicing dates it could be worth looking around at other accredited servicing centres such as RACV Auto Care Centre or Ultratune.

Check tyre pressure

When tyres are inflated correctly, your car performs more efficiently and safer. Low tyre pressure costs more as your car requires more fuel, and it causes erratic wear leading to tyre failure and replacements.

Ensure wheels are aligned

A wheel alignment again makes sure that your wheels are performing correctly. This improves fuel efficiency, reduces suspension wear and increases the life of your tyres.

Watch fuel pricing

Fuel prices in Australia fluctuate a lot. A few handy pointers to save you at the pump include topping up instead of filling up when fuel prices are high. It’s worth waiting until the prices drop to fully fill up your tank.

Shopping around for fuel can also save you a little extra. There are many apps that allow you to view real time fuel pricing in your area.

Ditch premium unleaded fuel

Premium fuel claims to help the performance of your car and is much more expensive then regular unleaded. However, unless your car specifies that it needs the premium fuel, it’s a waste of money.

Unload all unnecessary items

The engine must work harder and uses more fuel the heavier the car. By keeping only, the necessities in the car, this will keep your car light and drive more efficiently.

Watch the air-con

Everyone knows how hot Australia can get over summer. The next time you get into a hot car, open the windows to let out the hot air and turn the air-conditioner on to recirculation. This way the same air is cooling down the car as opposed to cooling down hot air from outside.

Plan your route carefully

If the fastest route is congested with traffic, it could be more economic to take the longer route as it could be quicker and use less fuel.

Drive economically

Driving with rapid acceleration and hard braking will burn through fuel. Driving at a smooth and steady speed will allow you to make the most of your fuel.

Regular cleaning

When dust, dirt or bird droppings are left on your car, they damage the paintwork. When you go to sell your car, this could cost you thousands. So at least once every couple of weeks, wash your car!

Consider a novated lease

A novated lease will by far save you the most on this list. Starting from the moment you purchase your car; with a novated lease you are opened to fleet discounts on the price. The running costs of your car, such as fuel, maintenance and insurance, are paid for with your pre-tax income, thereby reducing your current taxable income.

More, if you choose a fuel card with your novated lease, you will have access to discounts from a wide network of tyre and servicing providers.

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