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Feb 5 2020

Your Last Chance to Novate an Infiniti

Infiniti is officially leaving the Australian market some time late this year. Nissan’s premium arm leaving our shores comes as little shock after their announcement to leave the European market early last year. The brand has decided to instead focus on their two strongest markets in the US and China.

This means that Infiniti Australia are in the process of clearing their showroom floors and stock currently in Australia. As a result, they are offering very generous discounts across its model range!

While Infiniti is yet to conform the arrangements for aftersales services, there should be very little shock to owners once the automaker leaves the country due to majority of its range based on Nissan products. This includes the QX70 and QX80 large SUVs, the Q50 mid-size sedan and the Q60 sports coupe. The smaller SUV line up of the Q30 and QX30 are derived from the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Meaning that sourcing spare parts won’t be difficult or really affected. Likewise, larger crash repairs will be dealt with by Nissan Australia, and importing body panels should be no problem.

The generous discounts coupled with the thousands in savings you will make with a novated lease will allow for an accessible entry point into a premium car. It’s your last chance to take advantage of Infiniti’s generous offering before they leave Australia. Contact our novated leasing specialists to discuss your new Infiniti today!

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