Remunerator News

Feb 12 2020

Never Hailed On With a Novated Lease

An estimated 30,000 vehicles were significantly damaged during the hailstorms on January 20th. The storm proved to be damaging and even fatal in some cases, to many cars parked in the open.

Many drivers have now been left questioning what to do with some instances of repairs taking up to a year to be completed. This is a great opportunity to consider a novated lease on a replacement car and potentially avoid long repair waiting times in the future. With a novated lease, you can submit images of the damage to your novated leasing provider (Remunerator!) and access a new or hire car.

The ACT government announced it would give to all owners of hail damaged cars, a rebate of up to $100 on stamp duty for vehicles worth up to $10,000, when they were bought to replace one that was damaged. There also would not be any additional registration fees for a replacement vehicle. Finally, if the car was written off during the hailstorms, any remaining registration and compulsory third-party insurance would be refunded from the date of the storm.

This makes novated leasing more attractive with the savings from the Government on top of the thousands in savings on the purchase and running of your replacement vehicle. If your car was damaged during the hailstorms, contact us today to discuss your replacement vehicle.