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Dec 10 2019

What Car Accessories Help and Hurt Novated Leases Value

There was once a time when ‘spec-ing’ up your car was simple. Where extra value and comfort meant opting for an automatic transition, cruise control, air-conditioning or power steering and brakes. Most of these options are now standard, however, car buyers today are faced with a huge selection of aftermarket accessories making it confusing to navigate what you should include.

In most cases, accessories are added in order to increase a cars value, and when appropriate accessories relative to the vehicle are included, this is true. However, sometimes add-ons hurt your cars value. So, what should you avoid?

Accessories that enhance:

  • Tow bar
  • Sunroof
  • Appropriate-size alloy rims/wheels with lower-profile tyres
  • Navigation systems
  • Premium stereo systems
  • Leather seats and interiors
  • Intelligent keys
  • Appropriate body kits (including bed liners, fascia’s, grilles, step-bars, running boards, brush guards, fog lights and window tinting)

Accessories that hurt:

  • Inappropriate-size alloy rims
  • Overpowered stereos (enormous bass-speakers in the back)
  • Aftermarket turbochargers (This can imply that the car was driven in a hard or aggressive manner)
  • Loud aftermarket exhaust systems
  • Lowering/modifying suspensions (this often voids the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Low quality or vibrant-coloured leather/vinyl/cloth interiors
  • Repainting the car in an unusual, non-factory colour
  • Poorly installed sunroofs
  • Illegal window tinting

For Example: Comparing two 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 Auto 4×4

Both cars have similar odometer readings however, the first car is priced at $2,993 more due to the included accessories that have enhanced its value.

If you’re unsure about what accessories to add to you novated lease talk to our friendly novated leasing experts or read our article on what to consider when choosing your novated lease here.

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