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Nov 13 2019

The Ultimate Guide to End of Year Car Sales

Towards the end of the year you might hear about ‘plate clearance’ sales.

During this time, you’ll always find great sales on cars because dealers want to clear their floors of old and current year plated stock to make way for newer models.

The build date of a car heavily determines it’s value.

As the name suggests, it refers to the date that the car came off the production line and it’s this date that a car will be valued by.

Dealers want as much new stock on their showroom floors. Therefore, all the cars with a current year build date (meaning 2019 plated models) are starting to be heavily discounted so new 2020 plated models enter.

Usually, there is no difference between cars built before versus after the new year, but due to its older build date it is valued less.

Knowing the specifics about the car you want is helpful too. Specifically, doing research about when a car is set for a model update or even full remake is extremely beneficial to know. The model run out can translate to more potential savings the purchase price and your hip pocket thanking you later.

These are essential for customers to know when entering a dealership from December through to February. As you can leverage this knowledge in your favour in order to negotiate the best price for your desired vehicle.  

This may raise concerns surrounding the depreciation on your car. Do not fear, the money you saved from your top-notch plate clearance knowledge scoring you a great discount, coupled with the car being well looked after should have a little effect.

Find out our tips on how to further maximise your cars resale value here.

Dealers understand the depreciation concerns during this time and often other incentives to encourage people to buy including cash back deals, extra equipment or free on-road costs.

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