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Nov 13 2019

Free Servicing For Your Novated Lease Isn’t As Free As You’re Led to Believe

It’s popular for automakers and dealers to offer “freebies” like free servicing and maintenance programs to sweeten the deal on a purchase. Often, this sales tactic gets consumers over the line on their new car purchase. Free stuff! Great! Or is it?

Free servicing programs aren’t usually as free as they’re led onto be.

The costs that the ‘free’ servicing would have cost is generally loaded into the purchase price of the vehicle. But we have some great news for you! You can negotiate that the car is sold without the service pack – in many instances translating to thousands in savings!

We know what you’re going to ask now – I’m going to be paying for servicing and maintenance anyway, so wouldn’t it be better or cheaper to pay it upfront?

No! This difference would be subject to GST, FBT, finance costs and possibly even luxury car charges!

Meaning that it will cost you a lot more paying upfront than paying for the services in your package, which are FBT and GST free!

Still sceptical? Here’s some pricing we sourced below with ‘free servicing’ included then excluded.


Mazda are currently offering a retail promo in which customers receive 3 years free servicing with their new car purchase.

This option was not available for fleet pricing however if a client paid an additional $500, they would receive the ‘free’ servicing offer.

So, if you took up the “free servicing option” which is loaded onto the purchase price of the car, you would pay approximately an additional $420 in taxes and charges over the 3-year period.

All up, the “free servicing” cost an additional $920!

Do you still want to save more on your new car purchase?

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