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Oct 15 2019

Ute Be Crazy Not to Novate These

With the launch of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, it makes us wonder what other luxury brands could enter the ute market. CG artist Rain Prisk is known for transforming luxury SUVs into utes. Here are a few of his creations.

Rolls Royce Culli-ute

The ideal vehicle for Middle Eastern royalty interested in dune bashing.

Range Rover Velar Ute

For those Brits who want to bring some luxe to the farm.

BMW X7 Ute

BMW consistently deny that they are entering the ute market, but this recent concept built by the company ignites further speculation.

For now, if you’re interested in a luxury ute, we recommend the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Ford Ranger Raptor, or Toyota HiLux SR5. Contact us about your dream ute today!