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Sep 12 2019

Lane-Departure Warning and Lane-Keep Assist in Your Novated Lease

According to collision statistics, each year around 30% of all accidents involving a motor vehicle occurred when the vehicle left the road. Driver distractions, inattention and fatigue are the main culprits of motoring accidents. That’s where the car manufacturers step in, in an effort to reduce the numbers of road accidents and to increase driver’s safety. As a result, technology such as lane-departure warning and lane-keep assist have been developed. However, many drivers get confused between the two. It’s important for all drivers to be aware of the safety advancements when getting a novated lease.

Lane-departure warning is a system that monitors markings on the road and ensures a driver stays within these markings, should a driver veer out of their lane a warning appears, either visually, audibly or physically. These are intended to prompt the driver to return to the centre of their lane. The system is deactivated when the driver turns on the indicator as this is an intentional lane departure.

Lane-departure warning systems are much more readily available now, entry models have cost-optional safety packs which include the function. Car manufacturers strive for five-star ANCAP safety ratings, organisations such as these have made it much more difficult to achieve this status without a lane support system.
On the other hand, lane-keep assist is the next step up from lane-departure warning. This system intends to help the vehicle remain in the middle of the lane. Should you veer towards the edge of your lane, your novated lease vehicle will visually warn you that you’ve exited your lane and the steering will nudge you back into the centre of the lane.

Both provide many safety benefits; however, these systems can be disabled by the driver. Some car makers only include them as cost-optional safety packs, so if you’re set on having them in your novated lease read the fine print!