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Sep 20 2019

Features Your New Novated Lease Must Have

With so many new features available today for your car, it can be confusing knowing which ones to have. Here are our must have features in your new car.

Autonomous Emergency Brakes (AEB)

AEB is a technology in your car that not only makes your car better, but also safer. The system saves the day when your mind has wondered while driving, by alerting you to an imminent crash and helping you use the maximum braking capacity of the car. In some cars it can even prevent rear end accidents at speeds up to 60km/h.

Lane Keep Assist

The step up from lane departure warning, this system intends to help the vehicle remain in the middle of the lane. Should you veer towards the edge of your lane, your car will visually warn you that you’ve exited your lane and the steering wheel will nudge you back into the centre of the lane.

Head-Up Display

A head-up display is a projector that beams driver information, such as your speed, to appear as though it is superimposed on the road in mid-air. Though they may sound distracting, they have been designed to be almost invisible when the driver isn’t looking directly at it. HUD increases your safety by keeping your eyes on the road and removing the need to glance away from the road to check your speed.

Apple Car Play

Described as the ultimate co-pilot, Apple CarPlay allows you to use some of your iPhone’s functions like messages, phone, music, podcasts and maps to name a few. Siri also comes with CarPlay, which you can invoke by a button on the steering wheel or by simply saying “Hey Siri”. For Android users out there, ‘Android Auto’ is Google’s solution to Apple CarPlay. Like Apple’s software, users will be able to access their phones functions on the cars infotainment screen.

Automatic Tailgate

Your arms a full, with a child in one and shopping in the other. You can’t reach with your hand to open the boot without upsetting either load. This is where an automatic tailgate comes to the rescue. Your car senses when your standing behind it and with a swing of your foot the boot opens.

Heated Seats

Heated seats are the height of absolute comfort and luxury in a car. There’s nothing like getting into your car on a freezing day and being able to sit on a heated seat, making your driving much more enjoyable.

Digital Radio (DAB+)

With crystal clear sound and an extra 30 stations on top of the normal AM and FM programs, digital radio is a must. DAB+ is offered as standard or an optional feature by 42 automotive brands now.

A Novated Lease with Remunerator

A novated lease with Remunerator is essential with any new car purchase. With Remunerator you make countless savings. The costs associated with the running of your new car are payed with pre-tax income. This reduces your overall taxable income, meaning you save on income tax. More savings are made when Remunerator sources your car, with our buying power we have access to a wide range of discounts within our dealer network. Remunerator provides you with ongoing support throughout the entirety of your lease.

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