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Aug 21 2019

Formula 1 Technologies Found in Your Novated Lease

Paddle Shifters

You’ll find that most new automatic cars today come with paddle shifters attached to the steering wheel. This technology was pioneered by Ferrari in the 1980s, it gave their drivers the ability to shed seconds off their lap times by allowing them to keep their hands on the wheel and change gears faster.


All types of cars from sedans to SUVs can be seen sporting spoilers and wings, to improve their performance and fuel economy. This aerodynamic technology comes from F1 again, Lotus in the 70s added side skirts to its cars to create downforce and low drag. Much like an airplane but in reverse, instead of generating lift, they push the car onto the track allowing it to drive faster.

Adaptive suspension

Again, thanks to Lotus, adaptive suspension is another F1 technology in your novated lease. Originally developed to maintain their cars ride height over bumps to maximise grip and efficiency. It was soon adopted by other teams, however, was suddenly banned in 1993 due to safety concerns. In our novated leases, we feel the differences in the comfort and sport driving modes.


F1 cars require oils as lubricants in order to protect engines at very high temperatures and revs. Novated leases require oils too! Shell have worked with the Ferrari F1 team to develop oils for the daily driver to protect a regular cars engine. Cleaning agents found in fuels also came from formula 1.

Push start button

Quick and easy starts are crucial for formula 1 cars, resulting in the development of the push start button. This technology is now found in many cars today, allowing the daily driver to shed seconds off their commute too!