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Jun 20 2019

Why EOFY is the Best Time to Get into a Novated Lease

It’s that time of year again, End of Financial Year is upon us and with it comes many, many sales. While you’re sitting on the couch watching TV or swiping through your social media, you may have noticed what seems like hundreds of car advertisements about all the deals not to be missed. Before you brush them off, consider maybe it is time for you to replace your car, invest in a second car, or even buy your teenager that car they’ve been bugging you about!


Why are there so many sales?

Dealerships and car brands order in heaps of stock throughout the year, some of it sells, some of it sits on the floor. Come June, aka tax time, car companies must total the stock they have on hand, the sales and revenue they’ve made and then determine the final profit figure. Dealers have all important sales targets they need to hit before the financial years end; therefore, they try and sell the cars they have on hand. In order to move these cars dealers heavily discount them, while making room for the newer models coming in July. Meaning you can walk away with a great deal of savings off your brand-new vehicle. Buying during EOFY opens you up to many additional extras too, you’ll likely find yourself driving away with a special warranty deal or longer capped servicing!


Get into a novated lease now!

With a novated lease not only do you take advantage of the EOFY sales but with Remunerator you also save the GST on the purchase price of the vehicle, yes, an extra 10%! More, with our car buying power we can get you fleet discounts, allowing you to take advantage of an even greater reduced purchase price. It doesn’t stop there, your savings continue throughout the life of the lease, with a Remunerator fuel card you have access to discounts on fuel and servicing. It’s time to get into a novated lease now!