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Feb 14 2019

Tech Trends and Your Novated Lease

We love new technology and we saw a lot of it in 2018. Last year introduced amazing technological advances from artificial intelligence to virtual and augmented reality to robotics and more.

We’ve collected some of the top tech trends in the automotive industry for 2019.

Personalised Vehicle Insurance
The constant takeover of IoT or the ‘internet of things’ in the tech industry is making waves in the insurance world. With increased connectivity insurance companies are able to start implementing ‘user based insurance’ to offer pay-as-go insurance options. This means your premium is determined by a huge range of factors from the type of car you drive down to individual driving habits.

Advanced Security and Accessibility
Your car key might be useless over the next decade. With development in facial recognition and finger print scanning, you could start your novated lease car just by looking at it. These concepts may even become a reality in 2019 with Hyundai developing a car you can open with your fingerprint. In fact, you could even control your entire novated lease car in the same way. “In the future, Hyundai Motor plans to further expand the application of the technology to allow the adjustment of temperature, steering wheel position, and many other features which will be tailored to driver’s preference”.

Facial Recognition
Your novated lease car might be able to do more than just unlocking when you look at it. Your car might even save your life with facial recognition and iris scanning. Your car could identify when you look tired or show signs of fatigue and give you warnings when a power nap just isn’t enough.

Autonomous Vehicles
You may not even have to drive your novated lease car at all. With the rise of electric vehicles and driverless cars, autonomy is a growing trend in the automotive industry. Driverless cars have been a controversial edition to the automotive industry with concerns around safety and regulation. However, the commercialisation of driverless cars is definitely a reality for 2019 and beyond.