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Feb 14 2019

2018 National Sales vs Novated Leases

Buying a car can often be a hassle and sometimes stressful.

Solution – Remunerator’s fully maintained novated lease where everything is taken care of.

Added to that, the deals, discounts and offers being made by most Manufacturers are the best we have seen as, in 2018, National vehicle sales were down by 3% to a total of 1,153,111 vehicle sales from the previous year according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

They all want your business!

As expected, Mazda and Toyota hold their places as most popular vehicle manufacturers across national sales and requests for Remunerator Novated Leases in Australia.

Interestingly, these two manufacturers make up 10% – 20% of all preferred cars for all of 2018. Toyota and Mazda have been going strong as two of the most popular brands for the last few years across the board.

With a similar spread in the most sought after brands, our analysis shows that 4 out of 5 of the most popular brands are the same between our novated lease requests and national sales.

The majority of most popular vehicle manufacturers showed up as the same between novated lease requests and national vehicle sales with the exception of Subaru and Honda.

Australia’s most popular vehicle models, however, tell a different story. The top 10 most popular models vary when comparing novated lease requests to national sales. The Ford Ranger trumped the Toyota Hilux in most popular utes for novated leases by far.

Mazda maintains its spot in the top 5 with the CX5 and Mazda 3 matching novated lease request to the wider market.

The classic staple Toyota Corolla may be one of Australia’s top 3 preferences for 2018 but didn’t even make the list for a novated lease. In its place Toyota’s Prado was the only model of its brand to make the novated lease requests list.

The Subaru XV however, made a surprising appearance on the novated lease end while the brand didn’t make the cut as one of Australia’s most popular vehicle manufacturers.

Competition for your business has never been so hot and we are seeing the discounts off new cars, particularly 2018 plated cars, are huge!