Remunerator News

Dec 11 2018

Think Novated Lease, Think Safety

Remunerator wishes you a safe and worry free holiday season! Make sure your car is up to scratch before taking those Christmas road trips. Here are Remunerator’s key safety checks to make sure your novated lease car is in the best condition this Christmas.


Seatbelts are paramount to safety when it comes to driver AND passenger. Make sure your seatbelts are in perfect working condition. Tug them to make sure they lock when jolted. If your seatbelts are worn or weathered replace them as soon as possible to maximise your own and passengers’ safety while driving to your next Christmas lunch or dinner!

Warning Lights

Don’t ignore your warning lights! We all see those lights flashing on the dashboard instructing us to check tire pressure or maybe air bags or even brakes and think about how long we can get away without getting them checked out. The solution? It’s simple – get your car checked out or serviced.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about paying too much if your car is on a novated lease.


Your car won’t go anywhere without wheels! So, it’s important that your tyres are in good condition. Some good safety checks for tyres include checking the tread and tyre pressure. How? Put a 20 cent coin into the groove of your tyres, if the tread depth doesn’t reach the platypus’ bill it’s less than a few millimetres. For perspective, new tyres normally have a tread depth of about 9mm. This means you need new tyres. If your car is on a novated lease and your tyres need changing, you can get great discounts through Remunerator’s fuel card network.

Make sure your tyres are not deflated. You can just by looking at them so take a drive to your local petrol station and fill up your tyres for free. Remember to check your vehicle manual to ensure you set the correct pressure for your tyres.


Your car has a range of liquids that help it run smoothly. As part of a routine check, you should be maintaining all fluid level such as brake fluid, coolant, water levels, oil and engine fluids. Marked lines should indicate fill lines when checking all fluid levels. Ignoring fluid levels could result in damaging your car internally. Don’t get caught out paying extra for something that could have been avoided. Not even your novated lease will save you here!

Wipers and Windscreen

How are you expected to drive if you can’t see? Ensure your wipers are in good working condition and not dragging across your windscreen. Turn them on and spray water on the windscreen to ensure they are working correctly. Make sure your water levels are full by opening the bonnet, open the small cap with the wiper symbol and fill with water or wiper fluid.

If there’s a crack in your windscreen and your car is on novated lease, you don’t have to worry about saving up to pay. You can pay for repairs immediately and get reimbursed from your package or use your fuel card to avoid reimbursements all together.