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Aug 29 2018

Is Your Novated Lease Safe?

Takata airbags. It’s an ongoing hazard to drivers all around the world. Almost 2 million faulty airbags remain installed in our cars on the road and potentially in your novated lease car.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a new warning to replace Takata airbags.

It won’t cost you anything except a trip to a dealership in your novated lease car and maybe a coffee. However, if you do nothing it could cost you a lot more. Remunerator ensures that your novated lease is safe with our insurances and supporting teams, so make sure you are safe and get your airbags checked.

According to the ACCC “New South Wales has the highest number of vehicles yet to be fixed at 448,000, closely followed by Victoria at 400,000. Between those two states nearly 10,000 of the affected cars have the ‘alpha’ airbag, which ACCC chairwoman Delia Rickard said should not be on the road.” Is your car one of these?


The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has released an ad and online airbag check to encourage people to get their faulty airbags fixed.

Don’t wait any longer. You can check your airbags on your novated lease car here.