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Mar 20 2018

Your NEXT New Novated Car

Are you getting the most out of your novated lease?

You’ve already saved thousands with your current novated lease and you can continue to save.

remunerator novated lease

We know that a novated lease is the most tax effective way to buy a car. Not to mention all the benefits that come with it such as the convenience of your fuel card and tax savings on all your running costs to name a few.

Have you got your eye on a different car? Perhaps you would like to upgrade to a newer model? Or maybe you want to be a bit more adventurous?

remunerator novated lease

If your novated lease is ending in 12 months or less, Remunerator will contact you with the options available to you. This might include:

  • Keep your car and pay out the rest of your novated lease
  • Sell your car using Remunerator’s free Sell My Car service OR
  • Upgrade your car to a newer model

Still have a few years left on you lease? Even better! This means you have even more time to think about which car you might upgrade to AND you can continue to save and access the benefits of a novated lease with Remunerator.

If you’re on the fence about that particular car or simply want more information on the options available to you, call or email us now:

1800 501 703

Written by Tamara Bouzo