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Nov 24 2017

You’ve got to be Juking!

Ever heard of a fun novated lease? The 2018 Hyundai Kona is making waves across the board in the small SUV market and automotive design as Hyundai’s first edition alongside competitors including the Nissan Juke, Toyota’s CHR and Mazda’s CX range.

The Kona’s tropical influence is prevalent via nine exterior colour choices – Phantom Black, Chalk White, Lake Silver, Dark Knight, Pulse Red, Tangerine Comet, Acid Yellow, Blue Lagoon and Ceramic Blue – and an optional $295 two-tone roof choice (Car Advice Perfect for your summer novated lease!

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The Kona may be fashionably late to the small SUV party but could it rock popularity of its kind in national sales and novated leasing? Possibly: “Priced from $24,500 to $36,000, all models come with petrol engines and automatic transmissions, reversing cameras, touchscreen infotainment, LED driving lights and loads of safety and convenience tech. It drives well, has been tuned for Aussie roads and there’s a five-year warranty” (Carpoint

However, the Kona is significant because it “represents a paradigm shift from the brand, evidenced by an exterior design that is nothing like any of its other vehicles.”

“Kevin Kang, one of the designers of the vehicle who works out of Hyundai’s Californian studios, says the brief was to shake things up.”

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“The Kona is still an easy vehicle to drive and chock-a-block with features, yet turns its back on Hyundai’s current design ethos that has influenced cars like the popular i30 and Tucson” (Carpoint The Kona shifts the image of car brands from conservative to fun and informal with its creativity and unique design without sacrificing the quality of the drive.

Perhaps this is an untapped market in automotive design – fun and creative yet functional and practical cars for everyday use. It’s affordable, easy to novate, designed for us Aussies and conveniently fuelled with all your driving needs with a creative outlook – what more would you need?

Maybe it’s time to shake things up and give your novated lease a creative flare with the Hyundai Kona.

Written and compiled by Tamara Bouzo