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Nov 24 2017

Would you like a coffee with your novated lease?

It really is that easy to buy a brand new car. Now you can shop for your weekly groceries AND buy a new car! As of late the current trend in car sales is retail.

Who would have thought or is it about time? How much will the buying landscape change for cars? What will this mean for novated leasing?

A New Retail Experience
Automotive brands have been taking the ‘showroom’ to a whole new level with stores in retail and hospitality environments. Futurist brand, Tesla, was unsurprisingly one of the first to open a store located at Melbourne’s own Chadstone Shopping Centre.

“The aim is to provide customers with a new experience, so that they can go to an urban store to order their version of the brand’s Model S sedan, take delivery of it at home and have the option of never setting foot in a conventional dealership.” (Drive)

Following the shift in buying a car, other automotive brands have been getting creative too. Renault and Jaguar Land Rover have followed suit with the opening of their stores in Westfield Hornsby and Westfield Bondi Junction. The potential use of retail space for cars is endless and competition is rising as each brand presents their stores in a different way. Tesla uses the space to show the inner workings of their electric cars with a focus on modern tech while Renault’s retail space focuses on making their cars more accessible and encourage shoppers to “learn more about the heritage of the brand” (Renault).

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Luxury car maker, Mercedes, has taken the trend one step further again and combined a retail space for cars with a café. Broadsheet dubs the collaboration between Mercedes Benz and ST.Ali as “a sleek new venue and design hub seeks to inspire both coffee-lovers and car enthusiasts”. Mercedes has taken a different approach again by having a different car on display every two weeks which could include “anything from a rare classic, to a new model, to a Formula One racing car during the Grand Prix” (Broadsheet).

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Making the Purchase
Now that cars are more accessible through our daily shopping experience what does this mean for the purchase process? We may be able to test out the products in the same way we would any retail environment but how do we make the purchase and acquire our new cars? Perhaps this provides a new opportunity for novated leasing.

If you can walk into an Optus store and walk out with a brand new phone on a plan, why couldn’t you walk into a Mercedes shop and leave with a new car on a novated lease?

Getting into a novated lease can potentially be even easier than ever if it was available at a retail level. This really is the best way to buy your new car.


Written and compiled by Tamara Bouzo.