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Oct 4 2017

Last Month: Mercedes Hypercar Revealed, This Month: Get into your Novated Lease

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For a cool estimated $3 million you could own the Mercedes Project One Hypercar, revealed at last month’s Frankfurt motor show with Australian deliveries scheduled for late 2019. The “F1 race car for the road” is fuelled with a 1.6-litre turbocharged Formula 1 V6 at its core with a maximum power output of “more than 1000 horsepower” (740kW). Consequently it’s no surprise that “Mercedes-AMG announced it would build a road-legal hypercar with a drivetrain lifted directly from Formula 1” (Wheels Mag:

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“The drivetrain’s centrepiece is a mid-mounted 1.6-litre V6 with two electric motors – one bolted directly to the crankshaft to provide additional torque, the second to eliminate lag for the engine’s massive turbocharger. To allow for the stratospheric maximum engine speed of 11,000rpm, the four overhead cams are gear driven and the valve train uses pneumatics rather than conventional springs.” (Wheels Mag:

The hybrid hypercar goes beyond limits as it leaves the 0-100kph redundant while setting a new benchmark at 0-200kph in under 6 seconds. That’s almost as fast as Remunerator gets you into a Novated Lease!

“This marks another highlight of the successful strategic development of Mercedes-AMG as a performance and sports car brand.” (Motoring:

Even though the on road luxury beast is slightly out of the average price range, we don’t need to go beyond our limits to afford that dream car. A Novated Lease is all you need to get into your dream car. Your Novated Lease will be saving you a lot more than that price of the Mercedes Project One Hypercar.

Will you wait until 2019 or take out your Novated Lease today?

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Written and compiled by Tamara Bouzo