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Oct 19 2017

How Novated Leases compare to National Sales

If you haven’t already heard, Australia’s car sales are booming with record numbers in the last few months. Mazda takes the lead across all lanes in Novated Leasing, National Sales and Customer Satisfaction.

The Top 10 vehicle brands that have been novated and sold in August prove exactly that. Naturally Mazda is parked in the Top 2 spots overall with the CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9 dominating the market in both novated leases and national sales.

Mazda has won the race to the highest level of customer satisfaction nationally, however the blue ribbon winner only bested Volvo’s customer satisfaction by 0.2%. Then again, the average take on satisfaction from over 40,000 interviews with car drivers can’t be wrong! (Roy Morgan Research


Key findings from August’s Novated Leases VS Most Popular Cars Sold Nationally:

  • Mazda takes the lead across the board in Novated Leasing and National sales
  • Toyota struggled to reach the top in Novated Leases but smashed the national sales for August coming in first
  • Toyota’s own models are in competition with the HiLux leading in August’s national sales but SUVs smashing Novated Leases
  • Hyundai and Holden equalled in popularity amongst novated leasing and national sales for the month of August
  • BMW and Mercedes made the Top 10 novated leases however didn’t even appear on August’s Top 10 most popular car brands
  • We found varying differences amongst the vehicle makes on a Novated Lease and sold while there were clear similarities between the popularity of car makes on a Novated Lease and sold nationally


Surprisingly though, Toyota has fallen behind in popularity amongst Remunerator’s novated leases while holding first place for national sales in August. Although August’s VFACTS revealed that the HiLux 4X4 has broken national sales records and is the most sold Toyota for the month of August, Remunerator’s data shows that Toyota’s SUVs are dominating with 57% of Toyotas settled in the last FBT year being SUVs. As for August, Toyota spread across the board with novated leases taken out on the CHR, Camry, Prado and Rav 4.


While popularity in vehicle makes travelled at a similar pace, the most popular vehicle models appear scattered. Following the varying Top 3 most popular models, trends began to show with Mazda3, Holden Commodore, Hyundai Tucson and Hyundai i30 making an appearance in both popular cars sold nationally and taken out on a novated lease.


Written and compiled by Tamara Bouzo

Graphics generated by Tamara Bouzo


Remunerator settlements data – August 2017

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries VFACTS – August 2017