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Aug 5 2016

Tesla Model S: It’s a Review

Thank you, Elon Musk. It is obvious that your intelligence is reflected into the design of your silent supercar, the Tesla Model S. Just by glancing at this totally futuristic and aerodynamic vehicle, you can calculate that it is birthed from computers and software.

Okay, enough gushing over Elon Musk, it’s time to arouse your inner Steve Jobs. Please find below a demonstration of the Tesla’s gadgets, electronics and future technologies:

  • Entirely electric
  • Intelligent door handles that come out automatically
  • 7-passenger capacity
  • Self-parking
  • Self-driving

Even though tesla’s mission is, ‘to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport’, it doesn’t look like one of those ‘oh, look at me, I’m saving the world’ cars. Worshippers of the petrol head religion should be a complete atheist against this car, but most are not. It’s popular, and it’s popular for a reason – like most Californians.

Call a Remunerator representative today on 1800 501 703, let’s talk novated leasing your next electric car! Who knows? Elon Musk might even pick up the phone…

Disclaimer: Elon Musk does not work for Remunerator. Ha, got you. Can you imagine? We only can…