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Aug 5 2016

BMW i3: Time for a Novated Lease?

Ah, yes, the BMW i3… Those blue accents, LD lights, frunk (cough, front trunk)… So good looking… Has status… Anyway, back to reality, let’s talk about this car!

Perhaps the most notable characteristic of the BMW is its styling. Admittedly, it is controversial in its appearance, but this is for a reason. If you understand the purpose of this city car, then you can begin to understand its design.

For your understanding: Please find below a bullet point demonstration of the BMW genius:

  • Self-parking
  • All materials used in its construction are ecofriendly and can be recycled
  • Carbon fibre reinforcements
  • Holds a family of four comfortably (respectable for a family car)
  • Feels like you’re in a bubble – great visibility
  • Small SUV
  • Very quiet

Electric or eccentric, the BMW i3 is essentially a small SUV; a fuel efficient (and visually satisfying) people mover.

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