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Feb 29 2016

Win big for driving sober

Have you recently settled on a brand new vehicle with your Novated Lease? Are you ready to drive sober for cash?

Last Christmas as part of a crackdown initiative by the UK Police, informants who shopped drink-drivers or suspected someone they knew of being over the limit while behind the wheel were offered 500 pounds.


It seems that our small town of Katherine (NT) isn’t too far from it either. For starters, police are now rewarding people who blow a zero blood alcohol reading with a chance to win cash. That is correct… $500 with Bendigo Bank where winners are randomly selected from a list.

Drink driving has been a major issue in the Northern Territory.

In 2014, statistics showed there was one drink-driving offence recorded for every 50 random breath tests in the NT, compared to one in every 263 tests in Victoria and one in every 208 tests in NSW.

Settlement of your Novated Lease vehicle is one thing, responsibility is another. So let’s ensure we’re doing our part by keeping our roads as safe as possible.

In the last holiday season itself, 75 Territorians were caught for drunk driving (i.e. 1 in every 80 random breath tests – a significant improvement in comparison to the previous years) despite all the warnings, publicity, campaigns etc.

The offenders didn’t necessarily win cash but got the opportunity to live another day.

Some say a minor chance of winning is likely to motivate people to change their behaviour. Should we really be rewarding people with cash for not breaking the law? Let us know your thoughts.