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Feb 29 2016

How safe is your vehicle?


Ever wondered… How safe is my Novated Lease car? Have I made the right purchase?

ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) safety rating is Australia’s leading and most reputable independent vehicle safety assessor.

When you salary package a vehicle, make sure it is ANCAP rated. You can rest assure the information is transparent and determined based on a series of internationally recognised, independent crash tests and safety assessments.

Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, ANCAP’s safety ratings indicate the level of safety your Novated Lease vehicle provides in the event of a crash, as well as its ability – through technology – to avoid a crash.

How do they do it?

At all testing sites, dummies are used to measure the forces and the likely injuries a driver, passenger or pedestrian faces during an accident. To be successful, vehicles must achieve a certain score across all their crash tests as well as maintain minimum requirements for the inclusion of safety equipment and technologies. This is determined by stars (1 to 5 – 5 being the best)


ANCAP not only works with car manufacturers to raise the bar on improved safety, but also educates consumers on vehicle safety. So the next time you’re out searching for a new vehicle, make sure it’s ANCAP rated. ‘ACCEPT NOTHING LESS’