Remunerator News

Jan 29 2016

Efficiency Multiplied

Eco-friendly car

Are you in the market for a new car? Is ‘Going Green’ a priority?  Remunerator suggests a few simple changes to reduce the impact of transportation on the environment:

  • Plan: It is essential to plan your journey in advance; try and group trips wherever possible. Try and travel during off-peak hours to avoid traffic and excessive burning of fuel.
  • Drive at ease: We strongly recommend driving at a slow yet steady pace. You’ll not only be able to anticipate traffic patterns but also reduce the impact on your brakes (Accelerating rapidly and then having to brake not only causes your brakes to wear quicker but also wastes fuel.
  • Slow down: By decreasing your speed by 10kms you can significantly reduce the associated carbon dioxide output and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Weight: Remove unneeded items from the trunk and avoid using a roof rack. Added weight and air resistance causes more fuel to burn.
  • ECO: If your car has an “ECO” setting, use it. It will smooth out your gas pedal inputs, optimize transmission shift points and decrease the air conditioners’ impact on the engine.