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Oct 23 2015

World’s Most Dangerous Roads

For many of us, driving is our main form of transportation. So in order to get from place A to place B, roads have been provided for our use, making it a pretty seamless task.

However…that is not the case in some parts of the world, where driving from A to B isn’t as seamless as one would like!

Some of these roads will make you think twice and possibly consider walking instead, as it would be a far safer option.

Can you guess where some of the world’s worst roads are located?

Take our quiz … oh …and we recommend that you do not try and attempt to drive on any of these roads, as they are definitely a safety hazard!


(a) “Atlantic Road” Norwegian Sea Norway

(b) “Rollercoaster Circuit” Miami Beach Florida

(c) “Black Drop Road” Black Sea Turkey



(a) “Heavens Highway”  Albania-Greece

(b) “Friendship Highway” Pakistan-China

(c) “Ottomans Highway” Egypt-Libya



(a) “Equinox Highway” North Pole

(b) “Dalton Highway” Alaska

(c) “Siberian Highway” Russia



(a) “Genghis Khan Highway” Mongolia

(b) “Kingdom Highway” Jordan

(c) “Sichuan Tibet Highway” China



(a) “Hell’s Gate” New Zealand

(b) “Devil’s Fall” Ireland

(c) “Pearly Gates” Ecuador



(a) “Heartbreak Highway” United States

(b) “Highway to Death” Brazil

(c) “End of the Highway” Malta



(a) “Road to the Andes” Bolivia to Chile

(b) “Road to Carpathian Mountains” Romania to Serbia

(c) “Road to the Himalayas” India to Tibet



(a) “Road to Death” Brazil

(b) “Road to Life” Canada

(c) “Road to Nowhere” Montenegro



(a) “Guoliang Tunnel” China

(b) “Choson Tunnel” Korea

(c) “Columbus Tunnel” Honduras



(a) “Herzegovina Pass” Bosnia and Herzegovina

(b) “Stelvio Pass” Italy

(c) “The Ardennes Pass” Luxembourg


So….how did you fare?

Good…Great…Not So Great?

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