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May 19 2015

On the Road – Issue 8

Congratulations to Mathew White for winning our On the Road title for our eighth issue!

mathew white

For each publication, we invite all our Novated Leasing customers by sharing with us their car story by answering the following questions:

1.       Car Purchased?
2.       Why did you chose that car?
3.       What was your first car?
4.       What is your Dream Car?
5.       What is the worst car you have ever driven?
6.       Most embarrassing moment in a Car?

We go through all the responses and choose the best response.

The selected contributor receives a prize of a Car Care Kit valued at $140!

Car Care Kit
Car Care Kit

Here’s what Mathew wrote:

1. Car Purchased?
Mitsubishi Challenger 4×4

2.Why did you choose that car?
It fitted all the requirements for the family and myself

3.What was your first car?
Toyota corona. it would not be allowed on the road today.

4. What is your Dream Car?
Old Cadillac convertible fully restored.

5. What is the worst car you have ever driven?
Toyota corona

6. Most embarrassing moment in a Car?

I was on my first date ever on my P Plates and took my girlfriend to the movies it was raining, the date went fine but when I got back to the car I had left my headlights on and had a flat battery.

My girlfriend could not drive so in the pouring rain I had to get her to push the car to clutch start it.

When it started she got in looking like a drowned rat, her makeup had run she was not impressed.

After about five minutes she saw the funny side. I drove her home to get changed and I took her out for dinner.

The rest of the night went well.

Share your car story with us by sending a picture of you next to your car along with answers to the  questions to