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May 19 2015

Does a Picture tell a Thousand Words?

This is usually the case in Life but when it comes to your Novated Lease Car…we think not!

Each time as you start your car, a series of warning lights illuminate and then, hopefully, all switch off once the car is running.

But there are times when one stays on and many times we ask the question “what does that mean? Can I still drive my novated lease?”

So we thought why not come up with a reference guide for the most common ones.

The fascinating thing is that there is really no standardised set of dashboard lights used. What, say Ford use, can be very different from what Toyota use…no wonder we are confused!So here goes with some of the more common ones:

There is a failure in the ABS System

No you have not become pregnant or about to be kicked in the shins and face!

The Airbags System has failed.

batt1 batt2
No it is not about to snow!

Battery is not charging and running low. The car most likely will not start next time you get in the car.

A car door or the boot is still open.

Brake Failure

Can be illuminated in conjunction with the ABS failure but also can be a general failure.

light bulb
A Light Bulb Failure.

The light can include headlights, indicators, brake lights, tail lights or park brake lights.

check engine
Check Engine (a Mechanic NOT you!)

This would have to be the most disconcerting one as it is not really specific as to what the problem is and how urgent it is!

Wait for Coils to Warm.

Applicable for a Diesel Car. You need for the engine to warm the fuel before allowing it to go through the engine otherwise when diesel is cold it can “thicken” and cause line blockages.

engine overheating
Engine Overheating

One you always love to see when you are stuck in traffic on a 35 deg + day!

oil light
Oil Light

Means the engine is either low on oil or oil pressure is low.


ESP or Traction Control either in operation or a failure.

Flashes – on
Constant on – failure

1. Park lights on
2. Headlights on / High Beam (blue light)
3. Fog lights on

park brake
Park Brake is on

Petrol is low – usually have under 50 km left in tank

power steering
Power Steering failure

Tyre Pressure low