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Oct 27 2014

On The Road – Issue 6

Congratulations to Robert Haywood for winning our On the Road title for our third issue!

For each publication, we invite all our customers by sharing with us their car story by answering the following questions:

1.       Car Purchased?
2.       Why did you chose that car?
3.       What was your first car?
4.       What is your Dream Car?
5.       What is the worst car you have ever driven?
6.       Most embarrassing moment in a Car?

We go through all the responses and choose the best response.

The selected contributor receives a prize of a Car Care Kit valued at $140!

Car Care Kit
Car Care Kit

Here’s what Robert wrote:

1. Car Purchased?
VW Polo.  Also recently restored A Subaru Brumby.

2.Why did you choose that car?
Local dealership, plenty of support, good reviews

3.What was your first car?
VW Beetle.  Bought aged 17.  I was disillusioned with a mate’s Morris Minor that kept breaking down when I wanted a surf so I had to buy my own and it was cheap and reliable.

4. What is your Dream Car?
Pretty conservative – BMW M3.  Out of my league – decided to quit while I was behind.  Never say never though.

bmw m3

5. What is the worst car you have ever driven?
HD Holden.  Ugly piece of rubbish.  But the Morris Marina isn’t that flash either.

6. Most embarrassing moment in a Car?
Back in my indestructible teens.  Involved a girlfriend’s father busting inappropriate behaviour in his driveway.  A few threats were issued and he was bigger than me at the time.  I got smarter after this and parked around the corner.

Share your car story with us by sending a picture of you next to your car along with answers to the  questions to