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Sep 24 2014

A Convertible for your Novated Lease

Summer is just around the corner, making the weather perfect for convertibles. If you’ve never driven a convertible, rent one for the weekend. There’s nothing better than being out in the elements while still being in your car — the wind in your hair, the sun on your face. You’ll discover what all convertible owners have known for years — nothing beats an open air experience.

The first cars were convertibles, and they’ve been in production ever since. Driving a convertible is the kind of fun that isn’t about speed or handling. When you have a convertible, you’ll look for every chance to drive — a beautiful day can be improved by a nice drive in your drop top.

If you’re thinking about a convertible for your next Novated lease, we’ve provided 5 great options that could be your next convertible.


mazda mx5

Mazda MX5
Average savings : $7000*

golf cabriolet

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet
Average savings : $5500*

audi a3

Audi A3
Average savings : $8000*

bmw m3

Average savings :  $12000*

porschePorsche Boxster
Average savings : $14000*

*savings are based on savings achieved by Remunerator at time of writing through our purchase programs. Further novated leasing savings can be applied.

If you’re considering a convertible for your next Novated lease, use our calculator to see how much you can save!