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Jul 2 2014

On The Road – Issue 4

Congratulations to Brad Wardrope for winning our On the Road title for our third issue!

For each publication, we invite all our customers by sharing with us their car story by answering the following questions:

1.       Car Purchased?
2.       Why did you chose that car?
3.       What was your first car?
4.       What is your Dream Car?
5.       What is the worst car you have ever driven?
6.       Most embarrassing moment in a Car?

We go through all the responses and choose the best response.

The selected contributor receives a prize of a Car Care Kit valued at $140!

Car Care Kit
Car Care Kit

Here’s what Brad wrote:

1. Car Purchased?
VW Amarok Ute 4×4

2.Why did you choose that car?
I actually have a couple of mates who own them and they are very good cars compared to others in that field. Really comfortable to drive.

3.What was your first car?
1973 HQ Kingswood(army green in colour). Bought for $1300 off an old bloke and proceeded to get it bogged on the mudflats within the first day of ownership. It never forgave me for that mistreatment either!!!

1973 HQ Kingswood

A 1973 HQ Kingswood

4. What is your Dream Car?
As long as it is 4×4 to get on the beach to go surfing and has air con and cruise control I’m a happy chappy.

5. What is the worst car you have ever driven?
My beautiful mother owned a clapped out Hillman Hunter when I was a ‘P’ platter and I had to drive that every now and then.

6. Most embarrassing moment in a Car?
I would probably suggest a few misadventures that occurred when I was much younger or maybe when my mate and I bogged my car to the axles one Saturday night right before we had football on the Sunday.

Share your car story with us by sending a picture of you next to your car along with answers to the  questions to